Enrichment Programs

Funshine offers many varied enrichment programs in addition to excellent classroom academic, social and emotional experiences. The enrichment programs begin in our Toddler program and are included in the cost of tuition.

Sign Language and Spanish

Sign Language and Spanish begin in our infant classroom, children progress toward a stronger understanding through daily planned activities in each classroom. Evidence suggests that learning how to sign can enhance young children’s brain function, boost their self-esteem, and give them a concrete (and appropriate) way to express emotions and enhances literacy skills. Signing at an early age also facilitates communication and is an effective tool to promote a more comfortable learning environment and initiates an interest and enthusiasm for learning.


Early exposure to music not only develops rhythm skills in children, it helps build children’s self-confidence, enhances complex reasoning and focuses listening skills. Research also shows that when children are exposed to a variety of music at an early age they perform better academically and it has cognitive benefits in many areas of the brain. Ms. Anna teaches music classes each Tuesday for each of our classrooms. It is the goal of our music program to provide children with early exposure to active, participatory musical experiences to help establish a foundation of expressive, receptive and creative music skills. The program incorporates a wide and varied repertoire of songs, fingerplays, and music activities that are age appropriate and highly engaging. Each year the children perform in a Christmas musical and a Spring musical that offers parents the opportunity to see their children perform

IndyParks and Recreation

The Indy Parks environmental education staff comes monthly to provide a variety of experiences and educational tools that help to build a curiosity of nature and the opportunity to grow. The Naturalist at IndyParks bring a variety of resources to help the children develop a love of nature and a desire to preserve our natural resources.


The love of reading and early literacy skills are developed at Funshine through several experiences. The children are able to pick out their own books to read each Wednesday on the bookmobile.

School Garden

Children at Funshine are able to participate in hands on gardening activities that help them to develop a love of nature, appreciation for wildlife and learn about healthy eating! Our school garden is planted and cared for throughout the growing season with help from the children. We enjoy eating our own vegetables throughout the summer and fall.


Funshine offers many other enrichment activities throughout the year. Children attend field trips, participate in an annual trike-a-thon, enjoy weekly splash days in the summer, enjoy animal shows, holiday shows, and visits from the fire department throughout the year. Visit our "events" page for a comprehensive list of the fun and educational activities that are happening at Funshine!

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